Toolman is dedicated to ensuring that the welfare and well-being of our people is provided for. Given that we are in the service industry, means that our people come first.


Toolman’s goals is the safety, health and well-being of its employees, contractors, customers and the public, meaning that safety will never be compromised. As per the standards set out in the HSE Policy, we engage our staff in various training initiatives to ensure workplace safety.


Toolman articulates the spirit of our principles by setting out general code of conduct that and adhered by every staff member. We seek to go beyond simply obeying the law; we embrace our values, culture and customer commitment.


Toolman is committed to provide a positive experience to our clients by delivering a one-and-done resolution and make it seamless to our clients. Our goal is to drive repeat businesses and client loyalty.


Toolman demonstrates teamwork not only by supporting each other on achieving the business goals but also developing respect that leads to a harmonious and effective work environment. With a diversified composition, we encourage our team to communicate openly, share their ideas and value their contribution by recognizing their hard work.


Toolman is committed to continually improve performance of its key assets through management and staff development. Our management ensures that we cater to the development needs of our team to create value for the business.