Partnering with global innovators and suppliers to bring a rigid maintenance program that can efficiently preempt and predict technical issues.


Sensor-fed diagnostics installed at our clients facilities enables Toolman to preempt issues within a shorter period of time.


Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, our team of Engineers almost guarantee the upkeep of our partners’ equipment.


Installing Smart devices that transmits live readings straight to the control room, allowing the administrators to monitor the assets, identify the problem, and plan.

How it works

Wireless Sensors

Over 50 different wireless sensor types available .

Wireless Gateway

Enternet, Cellular USB and Serial gateways available .

Monitoring and Alert

Access anytyme from enywhere. Instant notification with free text and email alerts .

Managers work in close unison to ensure our deliverables exceed our contracted promise. All the requests are routed through our client interface and the technical teams are dispatched within agreed SLAs.We have managed to empower our engineers remotely to monitor the readings of our clients’ assets. Sensors are installed at the clients’ location that transmit live readings via the internet. The Control Room is the heart of Toolman’s operation, this is where our Engineers and Account.By utilizing a wide range of wireless sensors that allows us to monitor your assets in order to improve efficiencies and drive operational performance by enabling innovation with actionable sensor data. With the introduction of different technologies.





Door open/closed


These sensors can measure and report real time data for any of the following parameters:

In a typical retail store, there are a lot of assets that require periodic maintenance and repairs. By using our IoT sensors in these devices, we can monitor minute changes in their functionalities and initiate immediate maintenance to avoid malfunctioning.

HVAC units is a common example of such devices. If these units are made smart using IoT sensors you can monitor changes in temperature, functioning and the impact of changes of a store. If there is a malfunction noticed, then repairs can be immediately scheduled, and sudden breakdowns can be prevented.

Conditional Based Maintenance

Value Proposition

  • Identify problems before they become serious.
  • Provide immediate condition statuses.
  • Reduce scheduled time-based maintenance.
  • Ensures assets running with maximum. efficiency and improves troubleshooting.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Enhance useful life of the equipment.
  • Confirm quality of repairs.
  • Minimize chances of downtime and critical failures/leads to greater uptime.