Toolman Advantage

Operational Efficiency
The purpose of preventative maintenance is to safeguard you from faulty or broken appliances which can malfunction, causing severe health and safety risks. Regular maintenance and repair is imperative to the efficiency and longevity of your assets. We understand that a broken appliance will cause a major inconvenience in your daily routine and at Toolman we guarantee that no matter what the problem may be, we will provide you with a fast and efficient service to get you back on track.

Enhance the Value
Why wait for things to go wrong to contact us? Prevention is always better than cure, and very few maintenance plans will offer the level of experience, understanding and capabilities that we provide. The right maintenance plan should be targeted towards preventing breakdowns and failures, thus eliminating the risk of a catastrophe. Our Annual Maintenance plan will allow you to budget accurately, giving you the peace of mind you never realised was possible; what more could you ask for? Remember, maintenance is designed to preserve and enhance, and the longterm effects of regular maintenance are a lot more rewarding to the lifespan of your assets.

Huge Savings
Toolman provides an Annual Maintenance plan to ensure you receive a cost-effective and professional response every time. We strive to deliver the highest quality of service at the most competitive price. Our objective is to provide market specialists who are friendly, flexible and reliable. We regularly carry out the necessary repairs at your convenience, ensuring your premises are fully operational at all times. This service greatly reduces the number of reactive maintenance calls, saving you a huge amount in future costs.