• Toolman has many years of experience servicing the retail industry and providing a wide range of retailers with an extremely cost-effective Annual Maintenance plan.  As you may know, cracked counter tops, broken display cabinets and blinking lights may seem like a simple problem, but getting these problems fixed will often become tiresome. Time spent organizing repairs can quickly turn into time wasted, which is why Toolman has systems in place to ensure that you always receive a fast and effective service. Having worked for many years with most the major shopping malls and understanding their stringent policies and procedures that need to be followed, this advantage can be passed on to the retailers.
  • We offer a prompt and reliable solution to any of your maintenance problems. We also assure that the floor staff will not be distracted from their job to deal with maintenance issues and that the management does not waste hours of valuable time chasing unreliable tradesmen. The Toolman team has been professionally trained to understand and react to your everyday maintenance problems. All requests are logged, a unique reference given, and the progress is recorded and tracked through to completion stage. At Toolman we will always keep you in the loop.