• Restaurant equipment is expensive and if it breaks down can it can hamper your business. Making sure it is well maintained will save you lots of money in utility costs and replacement costs. Toolman will create a calendar with the recommended maintenance dates for all parts and equipment, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual checks.
  • Making the most of expensive equipment such as fryers, walk-in freezers, and H-VAC systems through careful maintenance and selection of replacement parts seems like a no-brainer, especially during cash-strapped times when quick-serves face higher costs for everything from labor to energy. But surprisingly, the upkeep of these kitchen mainstays is often a neglected portion of the overall restaurant budget, as more regular line items such as food, non-perishables, and payroll garner closer scrutiny.
  • While the inventory of food, non-perishables, and payroll typically garner close scrutiny, equipment is ofter neglected. Careful maintenance of the most expensive equipment such as fryers, walk-in freezers, and H-VAC systems will help maximize returns and avoid any disruption to the operations of the kitchen due to short-cut fixes.
  • Procrastinating on service repairs can be tempting, especially when budgets are lean. But as margins tighten, it’s essential to keep parts like knobs and gaskets in good condition through regular maintenance and repair, ensuring that equipment doesn’t suffer an unexpected breakdown and cause the kitchen to close temporarily.
  • Toolman will present a schedule where it will note when air-conditioning-equipment air filters should be changed, exhaust- and supply-fan bearings should be lubricated, and when thermostats on cooking and air-conditioning equipment should be calibrated.