• Plumbing problems always occur at the most inconvenient times. With daily use and environmental factors, one of the most frequently damaged parts of a house is its plumbing. Water can be extremely damaging to any structure. Luckily, most blockage problems are fairly easy to detect. However, leakage in pipes can be a serious problem. By seeping into the foundation of a house the water will seriously weaken its structure. If this problem goes undedicated for a long period of time, the affected area could develop fungi due to excess moisture. This can become a huge health risk.
  • At Toolman we believe that regular consultations are necessary to protect your home and office against costly water damage and toxic mold. Leaks will often occur when component parts are worn out and need replacing or adjusting. The most common water leak is usually caused by the toilet and even the smallest of holes can cause a significant amount of water waste per hour, costing you up to several thousand dirhams per month. Such a leak is hard to detect and usually the result of worn or misaligned parts. The most likely scenario is that the leak is located around the plunger ball or flapper valve at the bottom of the tank, or it may even be the result of a cracked overflow pipe.
  • It is important to be aware that the damage caused by a leaking pipe or faulty plumbing system could quickly turn out to be very costly and a potentially hazardous affair. This is why it is important to regularly maintain the systems of your home and office. Take a water heater for example, all too often the water heater is left to churn away without maintenance and thanklessly make hot water for us, day in, day out. Without the required maintenance it will cease to work due to rust and corrosion. At Toolman we will review and diagnose your water heater, faucets and pipes, recommending the necessary repairs to ensure no nasty surprises.